Maytag Dishwashers Review

Maytag is a very popular name when it comes to dishwashers. In fact Maytag is the second most searched for brand after Bosch. Maytag is a Whirlpool company which means that you get fairly good quality machines and you get them very cheap too. Most people prefer the Maytag simply because at around $500 you get an integrated food disposal system, something that the European manufacturers do not offer.

Maytag offers 9 different models of dishwashers including a drawer model maytag dishwasher repair los angeles. This model is however not very preferred because it does not give you too many options and costs nearly $1500 in the bargain. Their cheaper models offer very good value for money and each offers just a little more extra features than the previous one at a slight increase in cost. For example their basic model costs only $440 and comes with a plastic drum and a 12 place setting. It also has an integrated food disposal system, and comes with a stainless steel casing on the outside. You get 5 wash cycles but no adjustable racks.

If however you pay $650 you get the same model with a stainless steel drum. There are a couple of other models in between at $550 that give you the same plastic drum but with more features like wash cycles but you still do not get a fully adjustable rack unless you pay $950.

The only problem is that at this price you get Bosch dishwashers that give you even more features like the bacteria free rinse and a really quiet machine. Plus of course comes the reliability and Maytag just does not stand in the same league.

Most people therefore go with the cheaper option and end up feeling dissatisfied because a plastic drum always causes problems in the long run. They are just as effective as a stainless steel drum initially but most reviews from owners who have had the machine for two years or more say that the latch assembly just conks off and you will have to pay $250 to get it repaired.

Maytag is a very old and respected brand but is not one that you should be looking at if you want long term reliability. Of course their stainless steel drum versions are very good, but then at the price that they sell, you can get much better ones with more features.

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